• Parents are requested to respect the timings of the school. Please drop and pick up the child on time.
  • None other than 16 year of age is authorized to pick up a child from CKI campus. Anyone other than a child's parent must show proper identification to be able to pick up the child with prior intimation to the school by parents.
  • Conveyance-Transport facility is offered
  • Dress Code-CKI provides 2 T-shirts for every child; it should be worn with black shorts or three fourths. Girls can wear black skirts also.
  • Children must not wear any gold jewellery or bring any valuable item to school. School will not be responsible for losses.
  • Girls should not wear any beaded items (bangles, chains etc). Your kid's safety is our prior importance.
Field Trips
  • Field trips will be scheduled on specific days. You will be notified well in advance. In case of illness please do not send your child.
  • All children must dress up in their CKI T- Shirts and jeans pants with socks- shoes on the field trips, picnic or any outing.
Birthdays at CKI
  • We celebrate kid's birthday in our unique style. The child can bring chocolates or cakes to distribute among their class. CKI will present a special gift for the birthday child.
CKI Hand book
  • CKI hand book is given to the child primarily to make the communication easy for both parent and teacher. Also it would cover the activities done each day. Every weekend the hand book will have some simple activity for the child