The Citi Kids provide a concept based learning environment to the kids. In a Concept Preschool there are different rooms or spaces set aside in the environment that allows easy access to a variety of learning materials in an interesting and productive manner. These rooms are designed to enhance the learning of basic concepts (like size, colours, shapes, numbers, counting), skills, themes or topics.

Our curriculum nurtures the multiple intelligences that children are born with - integrating academic, social, emotional, physical and creative development. Our programs are designed for children to achieve their maximum potential. In our environment, the children will learn about themselves and their world, sharing and working together in small groups, building a foundation to skills and self-esteem that can last a lifetime. The environment has been designed to allow children to move around freely and it also provides a spacious work and play area. Cleanliness and Hygiene play a very important role in our environment.

What to Look For in Our Programs
We at Citikids Daycare know how difficult it is for children & parents to get separated from their familiar home environment during the hours when parents go to work. The experience is nerve wracking if parents have to worry about the safety and well being of their child and the quality of care they are receiving. Therefore, Citikids presents a Daycare program with:
  • Facility for Working Parents
  • Open 8.30am to 5.30pm
  • Open for All Age Groups
  • Quality Care at all Times
  • Safe, Secure, and Clean Premises
  • Loving, Home Like Atmosphere for Kids 2 years to 6 years
  • After school care for children from other schools
  • Pick up from bus stop and cab facility for evening drop to home
  • Educational activities, fun indoor games, toys, & creative work
  • Home work support
  • Gentle care by experienced staff
  • Secure, clean, and child safe premises
  • Emergency Daycare for half or full day
Our Programss
Day Care
8:30AM -5:30PM
Play School
2yrs -3.5 yrs
9:30AM -12:30PM
Junior Kindergarten
3.5yrs to 4.5yrs
9:30AM -3:30PM
Senior Kindergarten
4.5yrs to 5.5yrs
9:30AM -3:30PM
After School care
upto 13Yrs
Till 5:30 pm